Phase-it® Speaker polarity tester

  • Fast and efficient tool for verifying the polarity of loudspeakers
  • Works perfectly with individual drive units and with individual drivers in a multi-way boxed speaker system
  • Clear indication of each drivers polarity and function for fast troubleshooting
  • Auto power off for long lasting battery time

The measuring technique behind Phase-It®

The Phase-it® generates a harmless electrical pulse into the connected speaker or speaker system. A build-in microphone at the top of the Phase-it® receives the pulse reproduced by the speaker and compares it with the one of the generator.

The actual phase/polarity of each driver tested will be indicated by the bi-colored LED of the Phase-it®. Green indicates that the measured driver is in phase (correct polarity) and red indicates a 180 degree shifted phase (incorrect polarity).

While measuring a "pop - pop" sound is audible and the diaphragms of the drive units should move a little, point the microphone end of the Phase-it® close to the speaker and move it from driver to driver.